Why Organizations Fail

Why Organizations Fail

Organizations are essentially designed to achieve its objective through effective use of its resources at its discretion and to be resilient to both internal & external pressures arising out of various scenarios. The scenarios range from external in nature such as economy, market competition, natural calamities such as a covid-19 pandemic, government regulations, and internal in nature such as incompetent workforce, operational inefficiencies, lack of leadership across the various functions within the organization and repetitive wrong decisions.

Though the external factors play a major role in the success of the organization, the internal factors play a major role in the failure of the organization. Therefore, it is imperative for organizations to engage in continuous and periodical evaluation of its health from various perspectives to help introspect and avoid bigger mistakes.

Talent Leaders Inc, with its extensive experience and expertise, can help organizations transform into a high performance and resilient organization to the internal pressure through various interventions.

Who should spearhead to save the organization? 

It is the responsibility of every member of the organization. However, it requires a certain level of authority to spearhead this transformation initiative. Chief Operating Officers or Chief Human Resources Officers or Board of Directors typically take the lead.

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