Change Management

Managing Organizational Change

Talent Leaders Inc has many global experts in our pool of consultants who implement major organizational change and they have proven track record of successfully managing the change initiatives and overcoming the common impediments faced during the change and overcoming HR problems and challenges during the change.

Our change management experts systematically and strategically plan the change by studying and producing a high-level report, on the following list of deliverables, to the leadership team of the changing organization by adopting a consultative approach

  • A detailed study on the nature, need and extent of organizational change
  • The business case for a systematic approach to change management specific to the organization context
  • A guide of roles of management and HR during major change initiatives – expectation set
  • Detailed advices and suggestion: Steps to take in managing organizational change
  • How to overcome common obstacles encountered during organizational change
  • Legal and global considerations in managing change in the context of the company and its subsidiaries and branches that includes off-shore facilities

Talent Leaders Inc recommends HR’s involvement in major organizational changes from the beginning as PROSCI change model suggested, as it can assist by influencing the following:

  • Improving employees’ understanding of change.
  • Increasing communication between management and employees.
  • Identifying and mitigating risks.
  • Enhancing employee satisfaction and eliminating any rumours
  • Enriching trust between management and employees.
  • Improving employee skills and proficiency through change-related training initiatives

Talent Leaders Inc has evolved in understanding the major pitfalls in change management and is well equipped in overcoming those pitfalls to ensure successful organizational change