Leadership Development

Organizations that are resilient to both internal and external uncertainties survive the market competition and recession that strikes the world unexpectedly like the Covid-19 that hit the world in late 2019.

Developing the leaders at all hierarchical level is crucial and that determines the success of an organization and to improve both individual and corporate performance.

Though there are many leadership theories, ultimately a leader inspires and motivates others, display technical & professional expertise amongst other important qualities, traits & behaviors such as drives for results, communicates effectively, provide solutions to problems and approaches the problems through analytical mind and develop others.

Organizational objectives and business goals (short term and long term) are studied in the light of competency framework, succession management & Talent Management strategy. Based on the understanding and outcome of the study, the leaders of the organization will be consulted about the leadership development strategy before proposing the same for implementation. Talent Leaders is an expert in the leadership development and helps transition any identified eligible employee into a new leadership role with required skills. Talent leaders makes use of its many self-assessment and psychometric assessments such as Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Everything DiSC and other Leadership Tests to understand the personality and accordingly design leadership program for individual employees unique to their learning capabilities and style.

Leadership Development Model

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Leadership Development