Career Values Scale Assessment

What makes an individual satisfied or dissatisfied with a job or career?  Often it is because the role doesn’t match well with their values. Assessing values is a good way to make sure that there is good alignment with a current or potential job, the organization, and work environment.

The Career Values Scale is a development tool that examines 17 different values related to work.

In career development workshops and counselling, one thing is constant; people who are most satisfied with their work or jobs are in careers where most of their values are being met. People who are most dissatisfied with their careers have values that clash with their jobs. The Career Values Scale is designed to provide an individual with information about what is important in their work or career. It can be used in individual career counselling and planning to structure the exploration of the relative importance of client’s values.


The Career Values scale is subdivided into three factors: Working with Others, Self-Expression and Extrinsic Rewards.


  • Service Orientation
  • Teamwork
  • Influence


  • Creativity
  • Independence
  • Excitement
  • Career Development


  • Financial Rewards
  • Prestige
  • Security


  • Explain that values are part of your personal make-up and are relatively stable goals that a person tries to obtain through work and careers.
  • Explain that values are critical in the understanding of satisfaction and dissatisfaction that one realizes from a particular job.
  • Guide career development process by helping the client toward opportunities that will include as many important values as possible.
  • Identify the values that the client wishes to see satisfied in their careers
  • Prioritize the values that the client holds, that is, rank the importance of the values
  • Resolve internal conflicts between competing sets of values.
  • Discover sources of satisfaction and dissatisfaction.