Competency Framework Development

Competency frameworks, when done well, can increase clarity around performance expectations and establish a clear link between individual and organisational performance. When developing and implementing a competency framework, care needs to be taken to balance detail with flexibility and avoid an overly prescriptive and non-inclusive approach” – Stated by Chartered Instituted of Personnel Development (CIPD)

Talent Leaders Inc has mastered the development of competency framework for organizations to help realize the achievement of organizational objectives that includes competing the market, develop the workforce, retain the best talents and achieve the corporates objectives.

Talent Leaders Inc undertakes the development of competency framework as a project and ensures it is developed, delivered, implemented and the objective of the competency framework is achieved by working along with the top management through adopting top down transformation approach and following change management practices.

  • Reviewing the current competency framework if one exists
  • Organizational Readiness Assessment for developing / amending competency framework
  • Preparing the organization ready to adopt Competency Framework
  • Initiating the Change Management activities for the change to happen
  • Designing the competency framework to achieve the corporate objectives
  • Implementing the competency framework across the organization
  • Continuous Monitoring & Ensuring successful Change Management is in place
  • Reviewing& updating the effectiveness of the competency framework
  • Submitting Periodical Status Report to the Management

No One Competency Model fits two different organizations, even the same organization functioning in different locations. Some of the sample competency frameworks are re-presented below for understanding. Talent Leaders Inc is an expert in developing the competency framework for organizations in any industry

Samples of competency framework

Behavioral Competency Framework

SHRM Competency Framework

Medical Leadership Competency Leadership

Source :Nicol, Edward. (2012). Improving clinical leadership and management in the NHS. Journal of Healthcare Leadership.. 4. 59-69. 10.2147/JHL.S28298