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It is our pleasure to welcoming you both Job Seekers & Employers to the world of true professional executive search & staffing firm. Our extensive experience in the staffing solutions help thousands of job seekers and hundreds of clients in realizing their common goal.

Our global experience in client acquisition, executive search, head hunting and out-sourcing adds value to our presence in Canada where the niche skills in the ever changing economy can be made available to the highly reputable employers across the globe. Thus, making the highly sought –after and highly talented Canadian workforce a global citizen.


Asking the right questions and understanding your current job, your career aspirations, the job you apply for and market understanding and above all our experience make us an expert in writing your CV

2 Pages CV Writing Service with
up-to 60 Minutes of consultation

This is our most popular CV writing service. This comprises of up to 60 minutes an in-depth tele/video conference consultation with your domain expert CV writer that enables us to take a fresh approach in the light of your past / current job.


Your newly written CV will be aligned to your career ambition and highlight relevant achievements

2 Pages CV Writing Service from CV Input
Tool (CVIT ©) or CV Advice Notes (CVAN © )

Our experience strongly recommends that the candidates to be encouraged to use consultation for getting the best out of our CV writing service. We have designed the Immediate Impression Mini CV writing service for customers who prefer to provide written information or can’t afford sufficient time for a consultation. You can send your current CV and either complete our CV Input Tool (CVIT ©) or provide further information by email through our CV Advice Notes (CVAN ©).


Comprehensive CV is the ideal one when presenting the chronological career experience and showcasing the competencies is vital

3 to 4 Pages CV Writing Service with up-to
60 Minutes of full consultation

This is the most effective CV writing service. A three or more page CV is ideal for roles where a detailed work history is ideal– for roles such as medical or legal practitioner or an academic with a long list of publications.


Focused to your career objective, your new CV will highlight your competency, aspirations and potentials that would add value in your new role

2 Pages CV Writing Service

Our emerging professional CV writing service is perfect one if you are a graduating or going for your first career based job. A detailed consultation with one of our professional CV Writer will ensure that your newly written CV highlights your competencies, skills, knowledge, and strength and is aligned with your career objectives that will help you land in the right job.


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